Rhode Island







My paintings reflect work done on two coastlines--one in France on the south coast of Brittany, (near Pont-Aven)-- close to grain fields and cliffs; the other in Rhode Island, on Sakonnet Point--near salt marshes and beaches.

The fields and farms, rivers and trees, and the rocky shores of both places are jumping off points for my main preoccupations: color, edge, and structure; a balanced tension; and a distillation of the abstract and eternal from the concrete and specific.   The work ranges on a continuum from figurative to abstract, and is done in a variety of media [oils, acrylics, inks] and on a variety of surfaces [canvas,board,paper].

I like to work large, possibly a result of the years I spent [on a detour from 'fine art'] doing ceramic tile painting.   That medium sparked an interest in the repeating, reversed, and rotated patterns common in ceramic surface decoration.   I painted many tiles for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts catalog and store, and during that time developed an affinity for a square format.   I have studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and at the Decordova Museum School in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

That said, I agree with the perhaps anachronistic idea that artists should do their work and leave its interpretation to others.  A work of art must succeed visually on its own merits.  For me, this is both the fun and the struggle of painting.